hello friend!

I'm Naomi

My days look a little different now! Most mornings you can find me having dance parties in the kitchen with my son, Carter, he's slowly making me into a morning person...some days we walk first, some days we skip straight to breakfast -the most important

(and my absolute favorite) meal of the day!

I take that back.

Brunch is my favorite!

Mostly because it's acceptable to eat dessert at brunch.

I love spending time with my husband, Cory! I'm kind of obsessed with him & most nights you'll find me trying to talk him into taking me out for mexican food! ​Clearly I have a thing for food...


I love everything about celebrating your wedding day with you. 


I will make you look your absolute best so that you can focus on being present in the moment. 


I will laugh with you on the dance floor at the reception, & I will cry during your first dance. Guaranteed. 


I want to capture your wedding day, exactly as it happens, so that you will be able to relive those feelings and memories for the next 80 years. 

Wanna get together? Coffee is always on me! 





i believe marriage is a big deal.

I believe choosing who documents your wedding day is a big deal,

because at the end of that perfect day, you will be left with two things:

a husband


your photographs

I love capturing the way you two feel about each other and preserving those emotions so that for generations to come, people could experience the love between you anytime they see your photographs.

I want that wedding photo you hang on your wall in your house to be a symbol of the commitment you made to each other & God.

So that when you have your first guests over to your home for dinner, that wedding photograph on you wall begins a conversation that allows you to relive the moments of your wedding day...

So that when you bring your baby home from the hospital for the first time and you pass that photograph on the wall as you carry your baby to the nursery, you are reminded of your deep love...

So that when your family is gathered in celebration of your 50th anniversary, your grandkids see that photograph could see & feel just how much Grandpa loves Grandma...

Your wedding day is a milestone of your legacy of love. I want to be there to celebrate with you and help tell this chapter of your love story.

Because the way you feel about each other is beautiful, and because marriage is beautiful.

louisville, ky







outfits that twirl

all things teal

going to the movies

mexican food

first looks

singing loudly in the car


naps on hammocks


hot tea



salsa dancing

baby grand pianos

family vacations


couples in love

board games

joanna gaines (chip, too)


outdoor weddings

my family

clients that become friends

anniversary sessions

& jesus