• Naomi

Classic & Elegant Louisville Wedding

They did it! They were already married. Husband & wife. Little did Eric know, his new bride had a little surprise up her sleeve.

In true #naomibride fashion…Abbey loves BIG.

When she loves something, she loves it with her whole heart. She goes ALL in.

Especially when it comes to surprising her new husband!

We told Eric we were going to sneak away to the garden area for a few “husband & wife portraits” (which was true!)

Abbey wore a beautiful ballgown for their wedding ceremony. Little did Eric know, the skirt was removable and underneath was Abbey’s form-fitting party gown! She had told Eric her dress looked so pretty when it was “bustled” so it was like doing a first look!!

Eric had his back turned. Abbey snuck up behind him. Ballgown skirt…gone. Sexy, danceable party dress…ready.

She called out to him, “Are you ready to party?!”

Eric turned around to see his new wife. He was blown away! His face was totally priceless. His eyes totally lit up.

He had seen his wife as a true bridal vision…ballgown and cathedral length veil. And he loved it. SO much.

But now. Now, he got to see his wife in her party dress. Beading. Bling. Classy and sexy all at the same time.

Ready. Ready to dance with him. Dance with their friends and families. And celebrate.

Abbey and Eric, YOU’RE MARRIED!! I am so thrilled for you guys! You all entered my life at an exciting time when we were expecting our first baby, and I am so grateful that throughout planning YOUR wedding, you always asked about, prayed for, and wanted to know about our sweet boy. You guys love deeply and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of that. Abbey…where do I begin!? I’ll never forget that first time we met (via FaceTime) and I knew we were going to be friends. You married your prince Eric. I’m so so happy for you! You have such great taste and that was evident throughout all your wedding day details! I love how you do life BIG…like surprising your new husband with a wardrobe change on your wedding day! You are SO beautiful. Literally you have become an icon to my insta-friends! And your eyes. Girl. Your eyes are so incredible! But I especially like the way they look when you look at Eric. Eric, you are a man of many talents…dentistry…cooking…the MASTER of the serious face! You are always making Abbey laugh, and she smilies biggest when she’s laughing with you.

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