• Naomi

Classic & Romantic Southern Indiana Wedding

"Never lose sight of the fact that you are marrying a sinner, and that every day you need to wake up and be willing to give them the grace of God."

These words spoken to Erin & Drew during their ceremony stuck with me. Cory & I are rookies at this whole marriage thing, only 6 years in, but it was such a powerful reminder of what it truly means to say, "I do!" I lost count of how many times tissues came out during this day, because the happy tears being shed were coming from all directions!

During every wedding, I like to make space for the parents of the bride and groom to have a few moments with their son/daughter getting married. The day goes by SO quickly, so during family portraits before the ceremony, I'll let mom & dad each have a turn with their baby that's grown up & getting married. Dads like to be goofy during this time, but Erin's dad said something to her that I won't ever forget.

"Have fun together."

It's such a short statement. And a simple idea. But having been married for 6 years, we know how hard it can be to simply "have fun" between diaper changes, mortgage payments, and worldwide pandemics.

Erin & Drew, I KNOW you guys are having so much fun together right now. It's easy to have fun being married when you are sitting on the beach!! ;) But don't forget to KEEP having fun. This year has shown you two all the curveballs life can throw you at one time! Erin, you glowed.. ALL DAY LONG. Your excitement was contagious. I loved getting to be your extra bridesmaid, I'm pretty sure all your friends are long lost friends of mine!! And Drew, man...we go WAY back! I still remember that first phone call to plan the proposal like it was yesterday!! You love Erin so well and it is an honor to get to know you guys as you begin your marriage together!

xoxo, Naomi

Venue: The Refinery

Catering: Custom Foods

Makeup: Rachel Edwards

Hair: Hair by Jules

Photography: Naomi Ruth Photography

DJ: Wayne Morrow Blaze Entertainment

Dress: David's Bridal

Florals: Sam's Club

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xoxo, Naomi