• Naomi

dear cory

As I write this, I’m in the living room.

On the couch.

With a mountain of half-folded laundry in front of me. Staring it down. Willing the laundry to do itself.

Next to the mountain of clothes sits the baby monitor.

Carter is sleeping. Watching him sleep on that tiny screen has become our favorite past time.

You are asleep, too. I’m so grateful you are resting. Though I have been navigating the night time without much sleep, I steal naps during the day when I can. But you go to work. Providing for Carter & I. I’m so grateful for the job you have. You excel at what you do. And I’m not just talking about at work.

Watching you become a daddy has been one of the sweetest things I’ve ever experienced.

I love that you always say, “Hi, Bubby” to him.

I love that you hold him up like Simba. At least once a day.

I love that you come home during lunch just to hold him. (and make sure mama has taken a nap)

I love that you swaddle him perfectly. Every time.

I love that you love his mama. So very well.

It’s hard to believe today is our 4th anniversary. Mostly because I haven’t been able to keep track of the days since about June 15th

I didn’t remember. (Shoutout to Taylor for reminding me of our anniversary yesterday)

I will never forget the guilt run to Jay C for Mike & Ike’s.

Just because you wanted some.

The 4th anniversary gift may traditionally be “linen” This year we celebrate with candy. And also biscuits and gravy (well, I have the ingredients in the fridge…the plan is to make them for you in the morning…you may have to make them yourself…)

This past year has been filled with the hardest and most sad times we’ve experienced. But it has also been filled with the most joyful and happy times we’ve experienced.

The best part about it all-  we’ve done it the way we do life. Together.

We have a new character in our story.

He’s half you.

He’s half me.

That small person we love so big.

Four years ago, I became your wife. I thought it couldn’t get any better. But then it did. I got to see you become a daddy. And it just keeps getting better.

Happy Fourth Anniversary, Cory.

Thank you for loving me. For choosing me. Every day.

xoxo, me


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