• Naomi

Louisville Kentucky Engagement Session

"Don't get down on one knee, just get over here!!!"

Emily and Zach had just walked into their room at Disney World.

Zach had everything planned. The flowers. The wine. The chocolate.

ALL the romance.

It was supposed to be ready in the room upon their arrival. When the arrived to check in at the desk, Zach attempted to discreetly ask to make sure everything was ready for them to check in (*wink wink*) The worker at the hotel didn’t catch his drift and responded with, “Oh yes! We have your package right here for you!”

Flustered, Zach tried to hide the chocolate and wine.

Emily tried to pretend she didn’t know what was going on.

They made their way up to their room at Disney World. When she saw the flowers on the bed, she covered her face in her hands. Then she knew. This. This was it. It was happening.

"Don't get down on one knee, just get over here!!!" squealed Emily.

Zach skipped to the end of his speech. To the big question. The four words.

"Will you marry me?"

Zach didn't hear her answer. So he asked again.

"Will you marry me?"

Emily responded with a big, "YES!"

They got to rock the “We’re engaged!” pins while they celebrated at the happiest place on earth.

Emily and Zach, I could not be more excited for your wedding day!! July 12th is a great day to get married, and I’m so thrilled to be celebrating our anniversary by celebrating the start of your marriage. Your joy is contagious and I love that you can't stop laughing while you are together. Not even the 35% chance of rain turned 100% can stop you two.

xoxo, Naomi

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xoxo, Naomi