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Louisville Kentucky Engagement Session

After their first date, Kayla knew that Eddie needed to pass the "Zach Test"

Zach Test: When Zach (Kayla's brother-in-law) meets the boyfriend and determines whether the boyfriend is a keeper.

Zach has an insanely good judge of character so he has become the go-to for the family when it comes to bringing a boyfriend around.

Games were playing on the TV screens of the restaurant. Cheers erupted around the room, high fives were being shared.Kayla was with her sister, Amanda, and of course Zach! They were all at the restaurant, eagerly awaiting the arrival of "the guy" 😬

Finally, Eddie walked through the door, and Kayla's eyes darted from Eddie to Zach.

Back to Eddie.

And Zach looked up. He locked eyes with Eddie. And to Kayla's surprise, she head,



It was like that slow motion scene from a movie. Time stood still. Okay maybe not as romantic as that, but you get the idea 😉

Zach already knew Eddie.

They had taken classes together in college and were still good friends.

Needless to say, he passed the "Zach Test" with flying colors. Being the great big sister that she is, Amanda was slightly disappointed there wasn't a true interrogation 😅

Kayla & Eddie, I love spending time with you two! Kayla, you are stunning. Your eyes are gorgeous and I love they look at Eddie. Full of love and respect. And also they way they roll back when he does something goofy. Eddie, I love the way you make Kayla laugh and wrap her in the biggest hugs! I'm so glad that you passed the "Zach Test"  🤣 I love how important family is to you both and cannot wait to celebrate with all of you in October!

xoxo, Naomi

Did your fiance have to pass a "test" from someone in your family to determine if they could stay? Follow along with me on Instagram and tell me about it! I'm taking notes for when Carter starts dating, haha!!

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