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Louisville Kentucky Engagement Session

Travis had everything planned out. He even waited after the vacation in October so it would truly be a surprise.

A romantic hike. In the mountains of North Carolina. BOTH families there. But what he didn't plan for was how to convince her to get dressed up for this hike. Travis wanted her to get dressed up for this hike, but she didn't want to because they were...well...hiking 😂

His family from Kentucky and her family from Illinois met together in North Carolina for a joint Thanksgiving!

So instead, Travis waited until they were back from the hike and all taking family photos in front of the beautiful mountains.

He dropped to one knee.

She thought he was joking.

She laughed at him. Thinking he was teasing.

But he wasn't teasing.

This was the real thing.

That threw Travis off, so his speech went out the window and he skipped right to the end.

There, in the mountains of North Carolina, surrounded by both families, she said YES and they got to celebrate all together.

Elizabeth & Travis, it felt like meeting up with old friends this weekend for your session! You guys are SO much fun to be around, my cheeks STILL hurt from laughing and smiling so much! The chemistry between you guys is 🔥Don't lose that passion for each other. You are what I would refer to as #relationshipgoals. Also, can we talk about how drop dead gorgeous of a couple you are?! Elizabeth, you are stunning and red is definitely your color, girl!!! You are successful and driven but still have the kindest heart. Your laugh is contagious! I feel like we are soul sisters! Travis, the other half of the power couple, your style is 💯You adore Elizabeth. And it shows.I love the way you make her laugh. The way her nose scrunches when you make her laugh even harder. And you have perfect "lift" technique. See below.

I feel like this whole girls being irritated with their man right before he proposes is a common theme 😂 Was that true for you? Follow along with me on Instagram and tell me about it!

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