• Naomi

Louisville Kentucky Rooftop Sunset Engagement Session

What do a leg injury from a Colorado ski trip, dental school, and swiping right have in common?

Abbey & Eric.

"Real life proof that swiping right is worth it." - Abbey

Winter break. From dental school. A Colorado ski trip. Sounds awesome, right? Until you get a leg injury. But for Abbey, that leg injury would be part of the start of what became Abbey & Eric.

Abbey swiped right on Tinder with Eric. A dental student. At the same dental school she was at. He was in his last year of dental school at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry (ULSD). She was also a student there in the dental hygiene program. In the world of Tinder, they both "swiped right" so they were a "match."

She thought it was funny he was also at ULSD, and she hadn't crossed paths with him so far and figured she wouldn't. The FIRST day back from winter break, Abbey walked into the building. Gracefully, with her latest fashion accessory, a brace on her leg from the ski trip, she looked up. Another student rounded the corner of the lab. Her eyes met his (one of her favorite features of his) and he said with surprise, "Hey! Your leg!" What a pick up line ;)

They went on their first date that following weekend. 3 weeks later, they took the official titles of boyfriend & girlfriend.

After dinner at a wine bar on a cold January night, Abbey was able to answer the easiest question she had ever been asked.

"Will you be my best friend forever?"

She said yes.

Abbey & Eric, you two are so much fun. I'm THRILLED you are coming back to the Ville so we get to be friends in real life. From the first time we FaceTimed, I knew celebrating this season of life with you was going to be a blast. Some people are good for the soul. Some people are easy on the eyes. You guys are both. Abbey, I've had more people than I can count gush over how gorgeous you are (and how amazing your hair is) You guys are driven, successful, and incredibly good salsa dancers. Now only to get Cory on our level! I'm cheering you on in your dental careers, the big move back, and your upcoming marriage. None of those things are easy, but all of them are totally worth the effort.

xoxo, Naomi

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