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Mount Saint Francis Engagement Session

He had the speech prepared. But he skipped most of it. He dropped to one knee.

On the front porch. Of their new house. Their "fixer upper".

Their home.

He asked her to be his wife.

Tyler had the ring picked out. He took her shopping so she wouldn't know he had picked it out already. And out of allllll the rings she tried on...the one she liked the best?

The one he had already chosen.

He had the ring and waited for the perfect time. The night before they closed on their house, they were out late celebrating friends getting married! Kayla was hesitant the following day to get out and do much, but her mom talked her into getting dressed and putting on some makeup - and Kayla was SO glad she did. Little did she know that taking the family "to go see the house" was going to turn into the most memorable day of her life!

Kayla thought she was showing all the family their new house when she came out to the front porch and everyone waiting to take their picture. In front of the excited family members behind the sea of cell phones, Tyler skipped most of what he had prepared to say and dropped to his one knee. Right there. On the front porch of their new home. He proposed.

Kayla and Tyler, where do I begin? You two are SO much fun to be around! Kayla, I seriously don't think you stopped laughing the ENTIRE session. Your smile is contagious and you are so joyful. You are radiant on the outside but your heart of gold shines just as brightly on the inside. Tyler, I'll never forget when you looked at me and told me how you were looking forward to the engagement session because of how happy it made her. Spending time together under the sunset like you have so often done together at the lake. As you two danced on the dock, I couldn't help but imagine how beautiful the marriage, the life you are building together will be. You do life together. The big project of remodeling a house and you still like each other on the other side of it...that's quite a feat. Don't stop doing things together. Don't stop laughing together. Here's to the rest of forever.

xoxo, Naomi

Y'all. THIS WAS A TEST SHOT (see what I mean about how JOYFUL she is?!)


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