• Naomi

Romantic Blush Wedding at Buffalo Trace Distillery

It was a warm summer night at Buffalo Trace Distillery, Chris stood waiting.

He looked up. His eyes met hers. Erika’s. His bride.

Their unspoken exchange seemed to consist of shared disbelief- of the current weather situation, as well as the moment they had been anxiously awaiting for so long. Through the rain and through the tears, his eyes were full of joy.

Erika stood across from her future husband.

Arm in arm with the first man she ever loved, looking towards the man she would love forever.

And the rain kept coming.

For that moment, their eyes fixed on each other, nothing mattered besides the two of them. Nothing mattered besides the fact he was about to marry his best friend.

Just a few minutes before, the grey clouds slowly rolled in as the bridal party made their entrances. Family members and friends began to exchange glances. Would the rain hold out? The air became cooler. The breeze became stronger.

Erika and her dad emerged from the cabin to share their walk. The walk down the stone path. The walk to the aisle where he would give his daughter away.

First, you heard it. Drip. Drip. Then, you saw it. The biggest raindrops you’ve ever seen. Then, in an instant, it was a downpour. The kind you see in the movies. The kind where you are soaked to the bone in three seconds flat.

Chris and Erika locked eyes once more. So instinctual. In the midst of an unexpected situation, their first thought was to turn to each other. They looked towards each other to make a decision. It was in that moment, you truly understood the depth of their relationship. It was second nature. It happened automatically. And you could tell they’ve been practicing making decisions together for a long time.

After family members and friends sought shelter in the clubhouse, they waited to see if the rain would let up. There wasn’t any sign of the downpour letting up so the ceremony continued inside. If you ask me, Chris is a pretty luck guy. He got the “aisle experience” not once, but twice. Twice he saw her round the corner. Twice he saw her arm in arm with her dad. Twice he saw his bride walking down the aisle towards him. Twice he got to gaze into his best friend’s eyes as she stood across from him, about to become his wife.

Erika and Chris finally shared their vows. Eyes glistened all around the room, not from the rain but from tears. Happy, happy tears.

Erika & Chris, where do I begin? I adore you both (and your families, they are SO fun!) Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your celebrations this past year. As of August 11th, you are Mr. & Mrs. Wiseman. Team Wiseman. You do things together as a team from here on out. I’m so excited for you guys, there are so many fun seasons of life ahead. I cannot wait to follow along as your story unfolds. Just know I’m so happy for you guys and will be cheering you guys on in all that you do! Even Overwatch ;)

Congrats Erika and Chris, on officially becoming a part of the most important team you’ll ever be on!

Love you both so much.

Xoxo, Naomi

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Venue: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Invitations: Artwork by Erika Hunter (the bride!!)

Dress: Stella York - Rebecca's Wedding Boutique

Bridesmaids Dress: Bill Levkoff - Bridal Warehouse of Louisville

Suit: Geno's Formal Affair

Florist: Michler's

Videography: Lily Rose Media

Entertainment: Complete Entertainment

Catering: Custom Foods Catering