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Romantic Sunset Engagement Session

It was her favorite time of year. Lights twinkled everywhere. It was almost Christmas.

She walked into the apartment. The hazy smoke greeted her first. But Nate was cooking steaks. (I’m way too familiar with this kind of smoke 😂) Flowers waited for her, too.

Jen is usually the cook, but this wasn’t the first time Nate had prepared a romantic dinner. So it wasn’t until they started eating that Jen knew something might be up.

It was December. It was cold. Nate casually asked, “want to go for a walk?”

Going on a walk in the freezing weather wasn’t exactly what she had in mind for that night, but agreed to go. They walks past all the Christmas lights in downtown New Albany.

As they started to approach the big Christmas tree, she wondered, could this be it? He knew how much she loved Christmas.

If he was going to propose he would definitely do it in front of the big Christmas tree. Heart pounding, she walked, hand in hand with Nate. The big Christmas tree got closer.

And then they walked right past the Christmas tree.

So maybe it wasn’t going to happen tonight.

They kept walking.

They made their way up to the top of the amphitheater.

It was just the two of them. Then…

Nate dropped to his knee.

Overlooking the city. Overlooking the river. He asked her to be his wife. He proposed.

They got so caught up in the moment they forgot to take a picture. But they ran back up to the top of the amphitheater to freeze this moment in time. Forever.

I'm so glad they went back up to snap this selfie!!!

Jen & Nate, I’m struggling to write this. Words just don’t seem to be enough. You both make me smile. SO big. I mean I knew I loved you guys, and then you went and danced to Whitney Houston in a creek at sunset. You are my kind of people. Jen, I am SO thankful for you. You have showed so such kindness and compassion to me and my family. I’m forever grateful for all the banana popsicles you brought me and coffee for Cory (and Cory still makes fun of me for making him drink coffee outside the bathroom!) You were with me during one of the biggest and most challenging seasons of my life, and I’m so thankful for that. Tears are starting to fill up in my eyes right now as I write this. God knew I needed you in my life at the just the right time. But your heart, combined with your exceptional taste in music & dance moves, makes you one of my favorite humans ever. But. Guess what else? You are STUNNING!!! And your smile lights up a room! But my favorite smile is the one that happens when you’re with Nate. Nate, let’s just take it from the top. Your hair. Is FANTASTIC. You won’t believe the number of people I had comment to me about how great your hair is. I love how you support Jen to be so successful in her own way, but somehow simultaneously achieve your own success. You guys are incredible and I’m looking forward to getting to celebrate you guys so much more this year! Bring on the dance party!!!!

xoxo, Naomi

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Hair & Makeup - Marie Fulkerson

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xoxo, Naomi


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