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Speed Art Museum Engagement Session

It was dark.

Pitch black.


Rain started to spit from the dark sky. A tropical storm was rolling in. He had planned it. A sunset proposal in Fort Myers. What could be more perfect? Will wasn't going to let a little tropical storm throw him off.

After all, he was prepared.

He had rehearsed his speech 34 times during his 17 hour drive to Ft. Myers. It was show time.

Before I go any further, you need to know something about Will. His favorite past-time (up to this point) is joking about proposing. Even the weekend before their trip to Florida, he had told her she needed her nails done and to dress nicely (this succeeded in throwing her off so she wouldn't suspect anything in Florida!)

Looking back, Maria realized there were so many things that didn't add up.

Will had to drive down while she flew because he was "worried about his golf clubs on the airplane." In reality, he needed to get the ring down there without her knowing. This also allowed him 17 uninterrupted hours to rehearse his speech!

Maria was grumpy the day of the proposal because her dad "had to work" that night even though he knew they were going to be in town. Then when they got to the restaurant she saw his truck in the parking lot. Her dad was there! Will had planned a sunset proposal on the beach but she didn't want to go down to the beach because of the weather. Maria's dad was in charge of capturing her reaction but because it was so dark his flash was on the whole time and he tried to play it off like he didn't know why it was lit up.

Finally, Will blurted out most of his speech and got down on one knee. Maria thought he was just joking. AGAIN. But that's when she saw the ring. Illuminated with LED lights. So even in the dark, she knew it was for real this time. And she gave Will a big "thumbs up" and pulled him up into a big hug. She said YES!

Maria & Will, being around you two is like breath of fresh air. In this world where "crazy busy" can typically define most people on any given day, being around you guys reminds me to be truly in the moment. I'm so happy to have you as a #naomicouple !

Maria, you are simply S T U N N I N G and you are one of kindest people I've ever met. Your eyes legitimately sparkle, especially when Will makes you laugh. You have the best taste. In shoes. Handbags. And future husband 😉 Will, I love the way you make Maria laugh. You are fun. Don't stop making her laugh. I'll be on the lookout for a giant foam finger 😂 You are dapper with a side of confidence. You guys are a gorgeous couple (y'all BLOWING up my insta stories!!) So there's that too! When I ask people who have been married for a long time (40+ years) most of the time they say the "secret" to a happy marriage is that you have fun together and laugh together. Looks like you guys are ahead of the game❤️

xoxo, Naomi

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