• Naomi

Summer Sunset Wedding at Huber's Farm

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

The bride and groom had made their grand entrance. The band finished their song. It was time. The speech. By the Father of the Bride. Megan’s dad. The first man she ever loved. He began his speech by sharing the story of when they first discovered Megan’s musical genius.

Now if you know the Father of the Bride, you know he can’t be around a microphone for very long before it ends up in his hands. Usually his time behind a microphone involves a punny joke or two.

“Squeak squeak” He imitated a 3 year old playing a violin. Everyone chuckled. They could envision this happening.

He went on to describe what his daughter did next.

“Holding her bow like a Louisville slugger, she looked up at me and asked, ‘Is this how you do it, Daddy?’ And I turned to April and said, ‘We got one.’”

Although he was referring to getting “one” as a child having musical talent, with Megan, they got much more than that.

Beauty. Brains. Wit. A heart of gold.

She is fiercely loyal to her friends and full of wanderlust for a great adventure. Two things that she and Mike share.

Over the last 7 years, Megan and Mike have done a lot of life together. They have shared in exciting and fun moments, difficult and heart breaking ones, too, but in between they have been on some of the most amazing adventures you could imagine!

This story has been harder to share because I have known Megan for nearly 20 years. We met in grade school. We played violin together from the Galena Elementary School cafeteria to music camps at Indiana University. She was one of my first photography subjects (ahem the “Maggie” pose) Although I do have pictures of this from grade school, I’m sparing the public distribution of those images ;) Megan was there for me through the awkward teenage years, braces, Harry Potter book & movie releases, orchestra bus rides and all up through this most recent summer when she came to visit and snuggle with Carter. (He really loves her too because he farted on her at least five times in the three minutes she held him.) She’s one of the wittiest people on the planet and her eyes are some of God’s best work.

Once Mike entered Megan’s life, I could see a change in her. She laughed more. She adventured places. When I finally met Mike, it all made sense. I believe relationships take work. A lot of it. You have to CHOOSE to love your person, even on the days you don’t like them. But Megan and Mike have become the best of friends and truly compliment each other.

They bring out the best in each other and challenge each other to be an even better version of themselves. They cry together. And they laugh together. Being around them makes me want to be a better wife & friend to Cory.

Megan & Mike, where can I even begin? You are two of my favorite humans on this planet and I am so glad you are stuck with each other. Forever ;) I cried so many tears of joy on your wedding day. Your devotion for one another is tangible. Mike, I love how you adore Meg. I love that you packed tissues for yourself but shared them with her. I love how you’ve been alongside her as she has grown into the amazing person she was made to be. Meg, I love how you trust Mike. I love that you laugh with him. I love how you travel and go on adventures with him. You truly are the best of friends. Life can get crazy. Marriage is hard at times. This is your reminder to always stay best friends. Don’t ever stop adventuring together.

In the words of Mike’s dad, “RUN.”


I wish I were with you so I could give you both another big hug. I love you both. So, so much.

xoxo, Naomi

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A huge THANK YOU to the amazing team of vendors that helped make Megan & Mike's wedding day so beautiful!

Venue: Joe Huber's Family Farm

Dress: BHLDN

Suit: Macy's

Cake/Desserts: 410 Bakery

Florals: Willowfield Lavender Farm

Hair: Amber May

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Invitation Design: Paige Whitaker