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Sunset Louisville Kentucky Engagement Session | Sarah & John

Sarah and John's love story begins the way any modern day romance could - He sent a Facebook message. It went a little something like this:

Boy sends Facebook message.

Boy asks girl on date.

Girl agrees to first date.

Girl tells her parents after first date:

"I'm going to marry him."

They went on two more dates that weekend.

Girl was right...now they're getting married and they're going to spend the rest of their weekends together!!!

John had planned the secret proposal perfectly (with the help of Sarah's BFF, Katlynne- shout out to all the BFFs out there helping make proposals perfect!). They shopped for rings together so he wanted to make sure the actual proposal was a complete surprise. Just like any other day, they took their dog Bailey on a walk to the dog park at Cherokee Park. When she walked up to where John had everything set up, he got down on one knee and held a sign that said, "Will you marry me?"

And Sarah, the self-proclaimed "non-crier", cried.The ugly cry. Like the "I'm not posting this video on Facebook" ugly cry. I actually don't believe Sarah could do anything ugly if she tried!

Sarah and John, your love story is straight out of a movie!!! I cannot believe how well you guys compliment each other. Sarah, I remember you saying when you and John first began dating it was so natural and nothing was forced. Anyone who is around you can feel that! You two just get each other and I'm so excited to be celebrating this part of your story with you.

xoxo, Naomi

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xoxo, Naomi


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