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Spring Wedding at Woodhaven Country Club

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I'll never forget that moment from Sam & Devin's wedding day. She was all glammed up, in her dress and ready to see her groom. He was excitedly anxious. Waiting. Ready to see her. The first moment Devin laid eyes on Sam as his "bride" The first look 😍

He smiled SO big. Jumped SO high. And broke INTO A RUN towards her...his best friend. His bride. His soon to be wife. Sam.

I cannot tell you how big I smiled the whole time watching Devin's reaction to seeing Sam 😭The first look is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day and you will understand why when you see the images from that moment. PRICELESS.

Sam and Devin, you guys are seriously so fun!! Sam, your smile literally lights up the room! But what I love even more is the smile that is on your face when you are around Devin. You guys bring out the best in each other and anyone that around you can see that. Devin, don't ever stop jumping up and down when you see Sam walk through the door. I hope you never forget that excitement and always get that excited to be around her. Thank you for making the most epic first look I've seen to date.

xoxo, Naomi

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xoxo, Naomi


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